Free Guides

50 self-care ideas that are easy to implement, even when life is busy. Designed to help you feel calmer, more energised and in control.

A fully-referenced free guide, all about how emotional regulation develops, why your child acts the way they do and the science behind the benefits of a gentle, conscious or attachment-based approach

This free guide will introduce you to some simple and effective strategies that will help you to keep your cool even when your kids can’t.

This ebook outlines some simple and practical strategies to help you feel better about yourself and raise truly confident kids.

Free Webinars

Using self-compassion to generate calm and connection

An introduction to compassion-focused therapy to help you understand how you get stuck in unhelpful patterns of anxiety and stress and how you can feel calmer, more connected and in control.

Understand and overcome your triggers

Understand and overcome your own triggers so you can feel calmer and be more patient and connected with your kids.

7 Simple Ways to Soothe Your Frazzled Nerves

Learn simple and effective tools to regulate your nervous system, be a calmer parent and support your children's emotional development too

Expert Tools to Free Yourself of Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t designed to be experienced every day and, by learning some proven CBT tools, it’s possible to free yourself from the cycle of anxiety. Come and learn how in our free webinar.

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