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Life Less Stressed

A Life Less Stressed

Life as a mum can be boring, fraught, relentless and a bit of a slog. It’s easy to get so bogged down with ‘life’, work and responsibilities that life loses it’s shine. This three week course will take you on a journey towards yourself, help you to recognise what is really important to you in life and take the steps you need to put this into action. Aligning with your values will help you to feel better about yourself, feel more balanced and fulfilled and allow your children to experience the best version of you.



Mind Metamorphosis – Self-confidence and happiness training for women

A 12-week course, based on evidence-based techniques, that will take you from feeling undervalued, doubting yourself and putting yourself down to truly accepting yourself, flaws, quirks and all. Deep-rooted self-beliefs learnt as a child can stay dormant for years, being triggered by the stress and responsibility of becoming a mum. Learn how to recognise self-limiting and self-critical beliefs that are keeping you locked in patterns of anxiety and pain and the steps you can take to overcome this and form a balanced and healthy perspective of yourself.


Mindful Mama

When you take the Mindful Mama 8-week course you will reconnect to your true self and your true purpose. When we live in the present, we not only feel calmer and more balanced but can manage day-to-day dramas with more ease, calm and poise. This changes the dynamic of our relationships, especially with our children and life becomes easier and more enjoyable as a result.

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