Mindful Mama

How to find inner peace and parental calm

Digital Course
Parental calm digital course
Do you want to be more present with your children?
Do you want to feel more calm and relaxed?
Do you want to keep your cool with your children, no matter how wound up you feel?

This course is for you if:

  • Your mind is constantly racing and you find it hard to wind down
  • You feel like you’re being pulled in all directions, you’re mentally exhausted and don’t have anything left for yourself
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious
  • You’re so busy worrying and thinking about what you have to do that you are missing out on life
  • You feel drained by the moaning, squabbling and constant requests in your household
  • You find yourself snapping, shouting and arguing as you are so worn out
  • You worry that you don’t spend enough time with your kids and that you aren’t giving them what they need

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Parenting is hard but it doesn’t have to be so difficult! Inner peace, happiness and contentment and an ability to respond to the challenges of parenting with calm and poise is completely possible for mums. Let it be for you too.

Imagine this:
  • Your days are easy and enjoyable
  • Your days flow more smoothly, you are more productive and efficient
  • You feel less overwhelmed by the demands of being a mum
  • You no longer feel stressed and anxious but genuinely peaceful and calm
  • Your children are cooperative and there are fewer meltdowns
  • You respond to your children with calm and poise, even when they’re driving you crazy
  • You model to your children how to deal with stresses, disappointments and problems without losing your cool
  • Your children feel happier and less stressed as a result
  • There are fewer arguments in your household and spending time with your children is more enjoyable

Here’s how the course will help you to feel more present and peaceful:

  1. You will become more present in your life; more aware of your body, emotions, thoughts, responses and relationships
  2. You will experience the benefits of practising meditation everyday, by listening to guided exercises and being more mindful in everyday tasks
  3. You will learn about how the mind and body are connected and why we feel stress and negative emotions like anxiety and anger
  4. You will learn how to respond to challenges like your children not listening to you, rather than reacting with anger and shouting
  5. You will understand why we (humans) have developed the capacity to be self-critical and the effect this has on our experience and self-worth.
  6. You will learn how to foster a loving relationship with yourself. As a very wise friend once told me “self-love is everything. When we truly love ourselves we can cope with everything”.
  7. You will understand what lies at the root of all human suffering and the subtle yet radical shifts you can make to find unwavering peace and calm no matter what.

How it works

Every week you will be sent an email to read through in your own time.

We know how much a mum needs to do in a day so everything is sent in bite-size chunks which won’t take more than 20-30 minutes of your day at most.

You will be part of an amazing and supportive Facebook group of women going through the same process with you for inspiration and support.

You will have access to bonus videos, tips and inspiration in the Facebook group, all bitesize if you want to go deeper into the topics.

We will be there every step of the way with you to offer support, advice and guidance on your path to happiness.

This is the real deal. The skills you will learn in this 8-week course are based on mindfulness methods that have been scientifically proven to help people feel happier and less anxious. If you don’t want to invest in a coaching session or don’t have the time, you will find all of the same benefits in this course. Register today and come and join us for the next intake starting September 2020.