“It starts with us, when we find balance and calm within ourselves, our children flourish”

Navit SChechter, FOunder Conscious & Calm

Emotional regulation programme for parents

Learn how to regulate your own emotions and feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled. Feel better, be more present and patient with your kids, stay more connected to them when you need to and teach them to be able to do the same.


Self-care Ideas for busy mums

50 self-care ideas that are easy to implement, even when life is busy. Designed to help you feel calmer, more energised and in control.

Stay calm when your kids can’t

In this free guide you’ll be introduced to some simple and effective strategies that will help you to keep your cool even when your kids can’t.

Self-esteem for you & your kids
mother and son sitting on a sofa

This ebook outlines the simple and practical strategies that will help you to feel better about yourself and do what you can to raise truly confident kids.

Navit is a mother, qualified and experienced CBT therapist and mental health writer

For over 20 years Navit has supported parents and families to use science-backed strategies to become more present, live a life of calm, balance and fulfilment and raise happier and more connected kids.

Navit’s mission is to support parents to free themselves from inter-generational patterns of trauma, live an easier and happier life and change the landscape of emotional health for future generations.

Emotional regulation programme

12-week fully supported programme

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CBT-based Courses & workshops

One-off workshops & self-paced courses

Get a better night’s sleep

90-day journal

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