About me

UK based CBT Therapist & Coach

Hi there, I’m Navit. A qualified and experienced CBT therapist. I specialise in supporting parents to improve the way they feel, strengthen connection and co-operation within the family and break intergenerational patterns of trauma.

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Who I help

I can help you if you’re experiencing anxiety or low self-esteem. If you’re ready to do what you need to do to feel better, but aren’t quite sure of what you need to do to achieve that, I will help you do that

I can help you if you get stressed and overwhelmed by your children’s behaviour, but want to be calmer and more patient


I can help you if you see the benefits of a gentle, attachment-based and/or conscious parenting style but recognise that your own unhelpful emotional patterns are getting in the way. I can help you to break these patterns so that you can respond to your children the way you want to


I can help you if you’ve put so much of your time and attention into taking care of your young family that you’ve lost touch with yourself, and what you need, to feel connected and fulfilled

If you feel so stressed and overwhelmed by all the demands on you that you don’t know how you can create an easier and more manageable lifestyle, I can help you to do that

If you think that you’re not good enough and are letting your children down, and feel down and guilty as a result, I can help you to develop a more balanced view of yourself, feel better about yourself and recognise your strengths as well as the things you’d like to improve

One-to-one therapy

I also offer one-to-one therapy to adults and children who are experiencing low mood, anxiety and/or low self-esteem, commonly supporting support clients to overcome:



Low self-esteem

Anxiety (social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), health anxiety, generalised anxiety (excessive worry), panic, phobia)

Anger management

Low mood

Parental stress/overwhelm



Entrepreneurial stress

How I work

My practice is informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). We will always work together to understand why you’re struggling with difficult feeling, recognise how you’d like things to be and take the steps to make that happen.



CBT recognises how your thoughts, feelings, body physiology and behaviours interact with each other to form your experience and in particular the role negative thoughts have.


The strategies used in CBT are evidence-based which means that they’ve been proven to be effective. And I will support you to use these strategies to navigate the challenges you’re experiencing in this phase of your life.

I also commonly use a compassion-focused therapy approach to help you become more aware of the connection between your mind and body. In particular how your nervous system works and how the brain and body can conspire to maintain some of the difficulties that are commonly experienced by people in the modern world.

Compassion-focused strategies can help you to calm your nervous system so you feel calmer and are more able to regulate your own emotions and respond to others (including your children) from a place of calm and connection.

My qualifications and experience

I qualified as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist in 2008 and am accredited with the BABCP. I worked in the NHS as a supervisor and manager and currently see clients in my private CBT practice in Cornwall and online. 


I also write for publications such as netdoctor and Asda parenting club on anything mental health and parenting related.


After witnessing many of my incredibly successful friends become anxious and struggle with low self-esteem after having children, I realised how useful CBT strategies are for this phase of life and that they needed to be made more accessible. 



After having my own daughter in 2016, it became apparent how much they really do help to cope with the pressure and demands of parenting. From adjusting to changes in lifestyle and identity, to creating a balance that works, working through your own triggers that parenting can bring up, coping with meltdowns and more. These strategies are simple to learn and use, and make such a difference to how we feel.


In 2022 Conscious & Calm was awarded ‘Mental Health Experts of the Year – UK’ in the GHP Mental Health Awards, for the work we do supporting parents and families mental health.

Ways to work with me: