7 Simple Ways to Soothe Your Frazzled Nerves

Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the end of the day? 
Do you snap at your kids more than you’d like to? 
Do you want to stay more grounded and centred even when life is busy? 
Would you like to support your kids to regulate their own emotions too? 

Learn simple and effective tools to regulate your nervous system, be a calmer parent and support your children’s emotional development too


Often, as parents, our nervous systems are pushed to their limits. By understanding how the nervous system works and what it needs, we can change the way we relate and respond to ourselves during times of stress. We can also use this knowledge to support our children when they’re overwhelmed so they can also learn the tools needed to feel calmer and happier too.


What you'll learn:

Understand how the vagus nerve & nervous system works

Why you feel overstimulated and what you can do about it 

Learn simple strategies

To help you feel safer and calmer when you really need to

Support your children

Learn how to use co-regulation when your kids are overwhelmed, angry or anxious

About Navit


Navit is a qualified and experienced Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, specialising in working with parents and families. She has supported parents and families for over 20 years.


She is the founder of Conscious & Calm where she helps parents become more present, live a life of calm, balance and fulfilment and raise happier and more connected kids.


Conscious & Calm was awarded GHP’s Mental health experts of the year UK in 2022.