How to stay calm when your kids won’t listen

Have you been there? You’ve asked your little one to get their shoes on. The second time you asked, you were still relatively calm. By the third time you’re starting to feel a bit annoyed. And when you had to ask the fourth time, you lost every ounce of patience you had. And shouty mama cameContinue reading “How to stay calm when your kids won’t listen”

How to talk to your child about death & dying

It’s tempting to try and avoid the topic of death with our children as even for us adults death can be overwhelming and difficult to talk about. Many parents think that talking about death might scare or upset their children or they just aren’t clear on how to go about having this kind of sensitiveContinue reading “How to talk to your child about death & dying”

Why your emotions overwhelm you

Did you ever get taught how to manage your emotions, or how to recognise them when they come up? Chances are the answer is no. Emotional literacy skills don’t get taught at school, even at a higher level like university. So this kind of emotional education has to be sought out through reading and specificContinue reading “Why your emotions overwhelm you”

Breaking free from the constraints of your past

This is a blog about how CBT works to help you improve the way you feel (wrapped up in a story about watermelons).. Have you heard of square watermelons?! These are your bog-standard round watermelons that have been grown within a glass box. This was a trend started in Japan and as the watermelon grows,Continue reading “Breaking free from the constraints of your past”

How to respond when people tell you you’re parenting all wrong

Three times this last month I’ve been told by three different people that my daughter is “too much”. I’ve been told that she’s “too emotional”, “too demonstrative”, “impolite” and “inconsiderate”. Although it’s true that she can sometimes be these things, she is often emotionally aware, capable, polite and thoughtful too. She’s only 6 and she’sContinue reading “How to respond when people tell you you’re parenting all wrong”

Three reasons your child doesn’t want to sleep on their own (and what you can do about it)

I wasn’t blessed with a naturally “good sleeper”. My daughter came out switched on and ready to go, even as a really young baby, she found it hard to drift off and fall asleep. I let her sleep on me during her daytime naps, fed her to sleep every night (and back to sleep, eachContinue reading “Three reasons your child doesn’t want to sleep on their own (and what you can do about it)”

Dealing with lack of sleep

I don’t know of many parents who’ve never had to deal with the excruciating tiredness caused by night after night of broken sleep. The physical benefits of getting enough sleep are well known, but sleep has a massive impact on our emotional and mental health too. After a good night’s sleep we feel calmer andContinue reading “Dealing with lack of sleep”

A Love Letter To My Adrenals

To my wonderful adrenals, Before I tell you what I need to tell you, I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to you for looking out for me. No matter what else is going on in my life, you’re always there to help me deal with dangers when I need youContinue reading “A Love Letter To My Adrenals”

The problem with punishment

A generation or so ago, parents still held a very clear idea of how children “should” behave. Tides are changing and as we’re becoming more aware of how a child develops and what’s going on in their brain we’re starting to understand more about why they act the way they do; why children can seemContinue reading “The problem with punishment”

Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself?

One of the biggest challenges my clients say they face is not having enough time for themselves since having kids. I totally get this – literally overnight we became responsible for not only taking care of ourselves but every, single need of another little human. In the early days they really are reliant on usContinue reading “Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself?”